ATS’s Apprentice management Program


What is AMP? The Apprentice Management Program is a full-service apprentice management system where ATS does all the heavy lifting regarding training and documentation of all your apprentices. This program includes the following.

Grade Reports: At the end of the school year your business representative and apprentices will receive a grades report for each apprentice you have enrolled. For yours and your apprentices’ records. Each report will list all lessons the apprentice completed, their grade for each lesson and test.

Monthly Reporting: Concerned that some of your apprentices will get behind? Monthly reporting helps your company representative stay on top of who is on schedule and who needs a little nudge. Each month you will receive a grades report for each student showing what they have completed, their grades and how much work they have left. The student can be cc’d on the email with the attached monthly report as a way of letting them know that your company’s representative is engaged in their process.

Certificate of Renewal: Each year for an apprentice to renew their apprentice card they must show proof of enrollment in an approved apprenticeship program. ATS will create the proof of enrollment certificate and send it via email to the state(s) that requires the certificate. The apprentice is cc’d on the above email, so that they know the certificate has been sent.

Certificate of Completion: Depending on what state your business is located will dictate whether your apprentices will be required to send documentation showing they have completed their course with a passing grade. ATS will generate those reports, send them via email to the state with your company’s representative and apprentice cc’d, so that you and your apprentices will know the certificate has been sent out.

Curriculum: ATS’s program is state approved as a 100% Interactive Online Course. Meaning that you have total control of what you want to add to the curriculum to make it yours. You can include hands-on portions of installations that are specific to your business. Or, you might want to create hands-on training on installations that your apprentices won’t see, because of the focuses of your business. This way allows apprentices to have a more rounded apprenticeship and will help with employee retention. Though whatever you chose to do the program “as purchased” will fulfill the state requirements for a 600 Hour electrical apprenticeship program.

Registering Apprentices: Registering Apprentices with ATS couldn’t be easier. All your company’s representative needs to do is fill out our registration form with the apprentice’s name, email address, physical address, phone number and what year they are signing up for. ATS will take it from there. We can also either send the books to the apprentice’s address or the companies.

Getting Students Started: ATS will contact the apprentices you have signed up and setup virtual orientations with each apprentice through Zoom. During orientation apprentices will log into their ATS Portal and set up their account. Once they have set up their portal, they will be shown how to navigate their portal. Apprentices will also be shown where to go to get answers to their questions and where to find additional supplemental training to help them better understand codes and installation practices of our industry.

DOL Approval: Are you looking to become DOL approved and be able to bid Prevailing Wage Jobs? ATS can help. ATS works with all Northern New England DOL offices. Our curriculum can be used to fulfill the educational portion of your company’s in-house apprenticeship program proposal. Note: Did you know that if you have a DOL reregistered in-house apprenticeship program you do not need to pay prevailing wage rates as you will have a wage scale already approved by the DOL.

Job Board: Need apprentices? Participating Contractors in AMP get to post their job openings on ATS’s Job Board. All apprentices will have access to the Job Board as one of their student resources.

These Benefits are all included in the price of the program.
All you need to do is sign up.

contact ats to sign up for our amp program