Maine 45 Hour Course


The Maine’s 45 hour code course is an interactive online course that walks you through the code, article by article covering the changes from the previous┬ácode. The course has built in videos that will help aid you in your studies. While you are taking the course you will have digital access to all Mike Holt’s materials and other supplemental┬ávideos to help you have a better understanding of the current code you are studying. Because you will be studying the code from section 90 to article 820 this course also doubles as an excellent exam prep course.

Course includes:
– Mike Holt’s Summary of the Changes to the National Electrical Code Book (does NOT include the NEC 2020 Book. This code book can be purchased separately in our shop)

Student Policies:
Review the ATS Student Policies prior to check out.


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  1. atschooling

    Your course was by far the best I’ve taken in my 25 years as an electrician. It was a great refresher for me to prepare for an exam in another state. Thank you for providing the course to me. – Madrid Roddy

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