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Enrollment and Purchase Agreement - Year 1A & 1B – Foster CTE Center

Enrollment and Purchase Agreement - Year 1A & 1B – Foster CTE Center

Welcome to Advanced Technical Schooling (ATS). We look forward to working with you. Please review this document and sign below indicating your agreement.

Contact Information

Nathan Poland, Owner & Director

Phone: 603-343-4708


Office Hours: Sign up in Calendly

VTH Meeting Link:

Admission Requirements

The course must be paid in full in order for students to be enrolled.

Enrollment Period

The ATS Year 1A and 1B Electrical course is an interactive, online, self-paced course. Each student must complete all course requirements within the 2-school-year course access period to receive full credit and a completion certificate. The 2-school-year course period will be October 2023 – June 30, 2025. After this period has passed, if the student has not completed the course, no credit will be awarded. If students have extenuating circumstances or personal issues that prevent timely completion of the course, Advanced Technical Schooling must be contacted by Foster CTE Center via email to request extension of the course end date. Course extensions are made at the sole discretion of ATS and may be denied.  

Tuition & Refund Policy

The tuition cost of the Year 1A and 1B course is $1985 per student and includes textbooks, student portal access for students and school representatives, and instructor access for 2 school years from the date of purchase, dates defined above.

All refunds shall be paid within 30 days of purchase upon written notification from a representative of Foster CTE Center of cancellation or withdrawal. Students receiving benefits from federal programs shall be subject to federal refund policies, rules, and regulations. All textbooks must be returned in their original condition to receive a full refund of $1985 per student. If the books are not returned in unused condition, the total refund amount will be $1000. 

Complaint Process

We are here to help and support our students. Please direct all questions, concerns, and complaints to us via email at: If you would like to file a complaint with the NHDOE, please contact: New Hampshire Department of Education, Office of Career School Licensing, 101 Pleasant Street, Concord, NH 03301, or by phone at 603-271-6443. 

Course Description & Materials

The ATS Year 1A & 1B Electrical Course is an online, interactive course that fulfills the state-required 150 hours of course study required by the state of ME. In this course you will study Electrical and Construction Safety, Construction Math, Digital Multimeter Principles, Basic Electrical Theory and Electrical Print Reading.

Included in tuition:

  • Books:
    • ATP Electrical Safety: A Practical Guide to OSHA and NFPA 70E - 2021 Edition
    • ATP Math for the Building Trades - 2nd Edition
    • ATP Digital Multimeter Principles - 4th Edition
    • Mike Holt Understanding Electrical Theory
    • ATP Printreading for Installing and Troubleshooting Electrical Systems - 2nd Edition
  • Student Portal Access: 2 school years access from date of purchase
  • Instructor Access:
    • Contact Nathan via email, direct messaging through Moodle and the Capacitor, phone, or sign up for virtual office hour meetings once per week.
    • Students with questions related to course material can direct message Mark Hilbert through the Capacitor.

Grading & Participation

Syllabus and Weekly Checklist:

A weekly schedule is provided within the Moodle student portal so that students and school representatives can easily plan and keep track of upcoming assignments, quizzes, and participation requirements.


Students are required to complete all the required tasks in each course. These tasks include: review questions, quizzes, final exams, meetings, participation, and final projects. Upon completion of these items and an average grade of 70% or higher, students will be given a Completion Certificate for their course.

Grades are based on the following percentages:

Quizzes = 40% of total grade

Final Exam = 30% of total grade

Participation = 30% of total grade


  • Virtual Town Hall Meeting: Students must attend 4 Virtual Town Hall Meetings. Meetings are hosted once per month via Zoom from 6-8pm Eastern Time. A full schedule of meetings and the Zoom link are found on your Moodle course site.
  • Open Office Meeting: Students are required to sign up for one 15-minute meeting with Nathan during the course. Students may attend more of these meetings, as needed. Sign-up for the open office meetings on Calendly.
  • Survey: Complete the survey at the end of the course to provide feedback to us on how we can improve.
  • Project Report: This is an assignment that will take time to complete so it is suggested that you start it shortly after your orientation and work on it throughout your course. You will be taking four (4) photos each of five (5) different electrical installations you have performed or have observed. Create a report or PowerPoint that includes the following for each of the five installations: Paragraph explanation of the installation, the 4 photos you’ve taken, and three (3) applicable code references. Make sure to include a cover page, introduction, and page numbers. A grading rubric, sample report, and the upload link are found on your course page in Moodle.


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