state-approved in ME, NH, VT, & WY

Advanced Technical Schooling (ATS) is state-approved in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Wyoming, fulfilling all the requirements, including the 600 hours of electrical theory, National Electrical Code, and electrical safety required by the NH State Electrical Board. This is an interactive-online, self-paced course, using books from Mike Holt and ATP to create an interactive, online, self-paced Electrical Apprenticeship Program, specifically designed by ATS.  ATS is also licensed by the NH Department of Education and an approved Electrical Apprenticeship Program by the Federal Department of Labor.


  • The program is self-paced: Allowing you to work around your busy schedule
  • No need to travel to a site to complete your class work: Complete your schooling in the comfort of your own home
  • Get questions answered from an online message board or for more difficult questions through Zoom with one on one instruction
  • ATS allows for payment plans, credit card payments through PayPal payments
  • Books are included
  • For apprentices that are ahead in their field hours, they can complete up to two years of schooling in one calendar year.
  • There are monthly reminders to help you keep on track.
  • You will get support when you are ready to take the journeyman’s exam: Exam prep courses available at a discounted price, free copy of the RSA and state laws and guidance on how to sign up for the exam
  • Enroll anytime during the year


  • Allows apprentices to complete the electrical program quicker than the standard four years.
  • You can get monthly feedback on whether your apprentices are on track
  • Multiple apprentices discount
  • No need for apprentices to pull off a job early to get to class
  • The convenience of having all your apprentices at one school: eliminates the need for chasing down completion certificate for different schools.
  • Enroll anytime during the year